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            ABOUT US

            Hebei Lvnuo Foods Co.,Ltd is located in “Snow Pear Hometown ” Zhaoxian,Hebei, with 250,000 mu Snow Pear plantation .The company cooperate with The Chinese Agriculture science Institute to build “The Clean plantation,The Health Breeding, 2000 mu of The Compound Type and Stereoscopic Producing Experimental Site”. The total investment is 1.6 millions RMB, covers an area of 160 mu.Three modern processing lines were built up. And the main products are included Pear,Chinese Jujube, Sweet potato, Deionized Pear...



            Address: Fanzhuang Town, Zhao County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province E-mail: hblvnuo@163.com Contact: Gao Huanwei 15930163350 Website: www.6nod.com
            CopyRight © 2018 Hebei Lvnuo Foods Co.,Ltd All Rights Reserved



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